Subway Validation Results for Chile

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City Subway Lines Light Rail Lines Stations Interchanges Unused Entrances
Santiago Y J M sub: 7 / 7 lr: 1 / 1 st: 146 / 146 int: 19 / 19 e: 2
Tracks seem to go in the opposite direction to stops (relation 2193874, "Línea 3: Los Libertadores → Fernando Castillo Velasco")
16 unused stations: n2956545118, n2956545306, n3651219220, n3988511775, n3988525027, n3988532179, n3988544087, n3988544088, n3988557678, n3988557679, n4214749442, n4214749443, n573732528, n575514909, n6003266713, n835432276
Found 2 entrances not used in routes or stop_areas: n7505106294, n7622754493
2 subway entrances are not in stop_area relations: n7505106294, n7622754493

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